The Dry Wineskin

This seedy little resthall and attached tavern appeals to those members of the lower classes in the city of Razorport as a place for them to quietly drink the night away after a long dry, dusty day of work. Nothing fancy is served, with the cheap, local dry white wine being served in long dented cups and mugs of the pale weak local beer.

The food is mostly soups and stews, utilizing the local stocks and leftovers to feed the largest numbers cheaply. It is solid food, but not heavily spiced, and copious amounts can be available.

The rest portion of the Dry Wineskin consist of a large open bunkroom that has an upper level of small private rooms that overlook the common area. Staying in the common area costs a copper, 10 copper if you want blankets, and the private rooms are a silver a day. The private rooms include one meal, and a bath per week.

The proprietor, one Jackal ‘Jack’ Blood, is the latest owner of the tavern/resthall, and was apparently the blacksheep of the local family that had gone to the capitol of the Empire when he was younger. The halberd he carried in the legion hangs above the bar, and often the younger boys of the town will go and watch him work out with it.

The Dry Wineskin

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