Most religions are at least tolerated in the previous Empire territories. The pantheon of the Empire is still revered in the Razorport area, but there are still surviving members of older religions in the area, not to mention some that have been exposed to the locale due to foreign troops that have been assigned to the area over the time of Empire.

The pantheon of the Empire.

The current favored deity of the Empire has been Bane, the Tyrant, for the past few hundred years, and this tight grip, and attempt at expanding the Empire’s power has led to a decrease in the ability of the Empire to function in a number of pacified areas, as infighting between the priesthood and attempts to control other areas of the continent led to removed resources.

The military of the fighting infantry legions is Tempus, the God of Battles. Most officers have taken to worshipping either Bane, if they are power driven, or Torm, if they are driven by valour and duty. This has lead to problems between armies, depending on officers in charge.

There are a number of families of the southern edge of the empire, on an area bordering a desert kingdom that was adopted into the empire to gain revenge on its enemies that has introduced its warrior god into the southern legions. This god is Anhur, and represents not only the strength and bravery of the ordinary legionaire, but also the intelligent and effective use of the armies gathered by the officer corp. The Anhurists haven’t taken a side in the potential conflict between armies, but most lean towards the followers of Torm.

The merchant’s friend, Waukeen, is the patron of travelling traders that still attempt to carry goods and wares between the cities and towns of the empire.


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