Razor Cliff

Razor Cliff is a complex that was built at the top of a relatively young hill that had a commanding view of both the land surrounding it, as well as the sea that Razorport sits on. The location started as a local fort for the nomadic tribes that lived in the area. Rumours abound that they used the area as a graveyard. When the Empire arrived, it became an outpost fort to fight against the Nomads. Supplying the fort led to the development of Razorport. When this was no longer the frontier of the Empire, the soldiers moved into Razorport, and the fort was turned over to the Lord High Magus as a place for some mages to retire to enable them to research and teach new mages.

After years of growth, the Lord High Magus finally passed after reportedly undertaking a great making that cost his life, as well as a number of his helpers. The next few Lord High Magus supervised the expansion of the school, until Emperor Scero II came to power and exiled the Lord High Magus, abolished the post, and whipped up public opinion against magic and those who use it.
Even after he was deposed and replaced by his son Scero III, Seren, the position of Lord High Magus remained abolished, and no magic user was publicly welcome at court. The removal of support for RazorCliff led to it no longer being the premier place that trained mages that many noble families wanted someone in the family to go to. It slowly drifted into obscurity, training those people who were still interested, and fueling it’s survival by producing potions and other items for the army, but it was supplanted in that duty by the assorted clergy associated with the military.

The eventual destruction of the school took place about 50 years ago. There were still a few dozen students and teachers in residence at the school, teaching, learning and researching magic. The night sky was filled with the colour and sounds of spell battle, and those who explored the site the next day reported that a number of the mage’s had been turned into solid shadow statues that slowly disappeared of the next few weeks, as if being worn down by the sunlight. The center portion of the building had been destroyed, as if something had blasted up through the basement and out through the main building.

In the years since the destruction, a number of creatures once thought exterminated in the Empire appear to have taken up residence in the destruction. Some bands of people still continue to explore the ruin, knowing that there is treasure in the building and environs.

Razor Cliff

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