Crimson Scepter Resthouse

The Crimson Scepter is one of the items of regalia of the ruler of the Empire. At the time the Garrison was dedicated, the Emperor and his court was housed in this resthouse, which was built to exacting standards as a replica of the family mansion of the royal family at that time.

In the years since the dedication, the resthouse has been maintained, but not as well as could be, and now it’s needed a large investment of capital to bring it back to true Imperial glory once again.

The current owner is content to rent the rooms out by the night or for longer periods of time. The rooms are expensive, running about a gold per person per night, with discounts coming for month long rentals.

It is the place most travel ling merchants stay, at least those that can afford to. The food is superb, and the chef is quite talented, leading to much demand for seats.

Crimson Scepter Resthouse

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