Blacksmith Shop

Hanklynondonar, or `Hank` to his friends and cronies, has run the Blacksmith shop in town for about 80 or so years, barely getting older, but his smithing ability constantly improving.

He prefers to work on farm implements, shoeing horses, and materials for construction.

He is a tall, dirty brown hair elf, wearing his hair long and covering his pointed ears.
He is always dressed in long robes, with a heavy leather apron covering his torso. No matter how hot it gets, he leaves the sleeves of the robe down, and never seems to sweat.

He has a number of hunting related weapons available here, spears, arrowheads, as well as some pikes and other convertable farming implements.

He can work on and resharpen most weapons, and improve balance and grip.

A number of people in the village who have retired tend to congregate outside the smithy, basking in the heat of the forge most days. There is a hogshead from the tavern available, and it is a good place to talk to locals during the day. Hank rarely says anything, just works on his duties.

He has a small room at the back of the shop that he lives in, and keeps locked most of the time.

Blacksmith Shop

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