Half-elven female magic-user


Vivian is a small, slender woman. Her elven heritage is very plain to see – tapered ears, pointed face, delicate build, thin, floating hands, the slight bluish tint to her pale skin. Her short-cropped hair is a deep greyish-blue hue, and her eyes a soft grey.

Vivian habitually dresses in a plain long-sleeved tunic and trousers in dark colours, blues and indigos and greys, with an embroidered vest over the tunic. When out and about, she tends to wear a hood as well, drawn up to cover her ears. When adventuring, she adds a bow and a shortsword to her ensemble. She wears no jewelry.

Vivian is quiet and thoughtful. She is seldom the first to speak in a group, preferring to assess the situation and the conversants before joining in. She attempts to keep to herself, and goes to some lengths to keep a relative degree of physical distance between herself and others.


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